Nick’s in the 40s
Listener Rod Jellema tells us, "Amazingly, Spanier remembered me from two brief conversations we had had a year and a half earlier in Chicago. Before I could ask directions to a shop, he tugged off his own tie and handed it to me. "This is all you need. They're sure to let me in without it."   More…

Muggsy Spanier (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Photo courtesy Bobby Black

San Antonio's Ernie Caceres often played clarinet at Nick's in bands led by Muggsy Spanier, Eddie Condon and Bobby Hackett.                  

Photo by Charles Peterson

Benny Carter at Nick's, where a January 1941 one-night stand was extended for a five-week residency for his big band.      

Pee Wee Russell (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Photo from 'Sidney Bechet, Wizard of Jazz', by John Chilton

Soprano sax man Sidney Bechet leads his quartet at Nick's.
Drums-Zutty Singleton, bass-Wellman Braud, guitar-unknown.