Nick’s in the 30s

The scene inside Nick’s In Greenwich Village in the 30s. Nick Rongetti (left) and Cliff Jackson (right) on the uprights.

Listener Richard Blumenthal writes, ‘There were three small upright pianos at Nick’s that formed a barrier in front of the bandstand. My friends and I would lean up against them and nurse our beers. More...

(Photo by Hank O’Neal)

For the first decade of the club’s existence, jazz guitarist Eddie Condon was the ‘king-pin’ of the music scene at Nick’

New York record store owner, Stephen Smith chats between sets at Nick’s bar with Bobby Hackett and Sharkey Bonano, 1937 (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Under the leadership of Bobby Hackett (w/cornet) & Sharkey Bonano (w/trumpet), the two groups pictured here on December 19, 1937, opened the new club. (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Bud Freeman’s Summa Cum Laude Orchestra, 1938 (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Bandleader Bud Freeman (Photo by Charles Peterson)

Nick’s intermission pianist Cliff Jackson (Photo by Hank O’Neal)