Evan Price

Evan Price has become one of the most respected jazz violinists of his generation. A native of Detroit, Michigan, his musical background includes earnest dues paying in a variety of genres. From square dance bands to string quartets, from jamming with blues bands to busking in Greektown, Evan's youthful pursuits informed his violin playing and left him with a deep love of chamber music. As a young fiddler Price won his share of awards in competitions, among them the U.S. Scottish Fiddling Champion, the Kentucky State Fiddle Champion, the Canadian Junior Fiddle and the Canadian Novelty Fiddling Champion. Evan has performed with storied masters of fiddle lore—Stephane Grappelli, Johnny Frigo, Claude "Fiddler" Williams, Johnny Gimble, Buddy Spicher, and Vassar Clements—as well as with an array of pop icons from Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and comedian Steven Wright.

Evan Price’s college career included stints at both the Cleveland Institute of Music and at Berklee College of Music, and he later served on the music faculty at Wellesley College.

Evan is a ten-year veteran of the world renowned, paradigm shifting jazz ensemble the Turtle Island Quartet. With the group, Evan toured widely and collaborated with diverse musical luminaries, including the Cuban clarinetist Paquito D'Rivera, the Ying Quartet, pianists Dr. Billy Taylor and Kenny Barron, and classical guitarists Sergio and Odair Assad. His recorded output with Turtle Island includes two Grammy Award winners. "Four + 4" and “A Love Supreme: The Legacy of John Coltrane” received Grammy® awards in 2006 and 2008 in the Classical Crossover category.

Since 1998 Evan has been proud to call himself a member of the Hot Club of San Francisco, arguably the top gypsy jazz band in the U.S. With Evan on jazz fiddle, the group has thrilled audiences from Iceland to Mexico and across the United States, and has released seven CDs.

An accomplished composer, Evan has contributed compositions and arrangements to the repertoire of the HCSF, the Turtle Island Quartet, the Quartet San Francisco, the Providence String Quartet, Irish fiddler Liz Carroll, San Francisco Girls' Chorus, and the New Century Chamber Orchestra, among others. He lives in Mill Valley, California with his wife and daughter.