Song name
All I Do Is Dream Of You 4 programs
All My Life 3 programs
All My Love 4 programs
All Night Blues 2 programs
All Right, Okay, You Win 4 programs
All That Jazz 3 programs
All The Girls Go Crazy 4 programs
All The Things You Are 4 programs
Alligator Crawl 1 programs
Almost Daylight 3 programs
Always 4 programs
Amazing Grace 3 programs
American Minuet 2 programs
American Patrol 2 programs
And The Angels Sing 2 programs
Angry 1 programs
Animule Dance (Ball) 2 programs
Annie Street Rock 1 programs
Antigua Blues 1 programs
Any Old Time 3 programs
Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere 4 programs
Apex Blues 11 programs
Apologies 2 programs
April Kisses 1 programs
Archtop 1 programs
Aren't You Glad You're You? 1 programs
Arm Full O' Sweetness 1 programs
As Long As I Live 1 programs
As Time Goes By 2 programs
At A Georgia Camp Meeting 5 programs
At Sundown 3 programs
At The Codfish Ball 2 programs
At The Jazz Band Ball 5 programs
Auld Lang Syne 3 programs
Aunt Hagar's Blues 3 programs
Aunt Jemima's Birthday 1 programs
Avalon 9 programs
Ave Maria 1 programs
Awful Sad 2 programs
Song name
B.G. 3 programs
Baby Brown 1 programs
Baby Won't You Please Come Home 11 programs
Back Home In Indiana 5 programs
Back In Your Own Backyard 5 programs
Back O' Town Blues 1 programs
Ballin' The Jack 9 programs
Basin Street Blues 10 programs
Bay City 1 programs
Be Careful, It's My Heart 3 programs
Beale Street Blues 7 programs