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Audio How-to Guide

Want to enjoy the continuous streams of Riverwalk Jazz? Read on.

The Stream Channels

Two channels of Riverwalk Jazz radio audio programs are accessible from the home page, as well as all other pages on the Riverwalk site.  

While each channel is different, both offer continuous access to 352 pre-recorded programs arranged thematically by Jim Cullum and PVP Media, the original producers of Riverwalk Jazz.

Each channel streams audio like a radio webcast: when you click the play button on a player, you tune in to what is being broadcast at that moment.  The individual programs are not available "on demand" by streaming or for download. To request access to a specific Riverwalk Jazz recording, please contact the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound

Using the Audio Player

The two program streams on the home page are contained in a media player that supports both Flash and HTML5-based streams. If you are having trouble getting the audio streams to play, try updating your browser or Flash. The Flash player is available for download at this page on the Adobe web site: Follow the download and installation instructions provided there. iOS devices (iPhones, iPads) can play the streams natively, however not all Android browsers have HTML5 audio support. For Android users, we suggest using Firefox or Chrome.

You may have to enable Flash in your browser on the Riverwalk site specifically to enable streaming, as it will likely be turned off by default. Because browsers are continually updated, often in the background, procedures for enabling Flash will inevitably change over time. For users of Chrome, the current procedure to enable Flash is as follows:

1. To the left of the web address, click the info icon

2. Next to "Flash" click the arrow

3. Select "Always allows on this site"

To play one of the channels from the home page, click the Play/Pause button. Note that Chrome will attempt to block the Flash plugin, and you'll need to click on the little 'blocked' icon in the addresss bar and choose 'Run all plugins this time.' 

home page player


After a program begins playing, a 'Now Playing' title will appear followed by the channel number. The player controls can be used to mute the stream, adjust the volume, or pause the stream.

home page player now playing

Switching Between Channels

If one channel is playing while you push the play icon on the other channel on the home page, the first channel will stop and the new channel will begin. On any other page of the site, clicking on "Switch Channel" will perform the same action. 

non-home page audio player

Exploring the Site While Listening

If you browse or search on the site, pages will load in place and the audio player will continue to stream while indicating the show that is currently playing. The 'Read more' link will take you to the page for the currently playing program which includes a full tune list, guest list, and show description. If you click on a photo or a social media link, a playing stream will be disconnected.

Radio Programs

A complete listing of programs is available for browsing, and the song titles are linked to program notes for each show. The programs are listed in numerical order, which roughly corresponds to the chronology in which the programs were originally produced for broadcast. You can filter this list by entering in the first word(s) of a program name in the filter field immediately at the top of the Program list. Audio for the programs is not available from the detailed program pages. The numbered buttons along the bottom of the Programs list enable you to page through the long list of program titles.

Some shows in the collection are not included in the audio stream due to quality issues. These shows do not have program information on the site, but can be accessed by consulting the extensive Riverwalk Jazz archives at the Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound.

A word about program content: the radio programs streamed on this site are part of the Riverwalk Jazz archive and as such are historic in nature. They contain references to sponsors and commercial entities, with explicit mention of websites and phone numbers that were relevant when the program was aired on public radio, but in this new context, these references are purely historical.


Browse the songs on the Song List page. The list is arranged in alphanumeric order. You can filter this list by entering in the first word(s) of a song name in the filter field immediately at the top of the Song list. You can page through the list using the buttons along the top and bottom of the each. Each song name on the list is linked to an individual song page, like this example; there's one song page for each tune performed by the band in the collection of recordings. The song page serves as a catalog record: researchers will find information about composers, arrangers, dates, featured performers, and the name of each of the programs on which the song is performed. The song start time indicates the point in a full-length recorded program at which the song begins. Each program runs a total of about 59 minutes.


Browse the guests who appeared on Riverwalk Jazz programs on the Guest List page. The list is arranged alphabetically by last name. You can filter this list by entering in the first letters of a guest name in the filter field immediately at the top of the Guest list. You can page through the list using the buttons along the top and bottom of the each. Each guest name on the list is linked to an individual guest page, where you can read more about the performer.

The Band

See the history of the band members through pictures. On The Band page, you can browse a grid of photographs leading to biographical information about musicians who played in the Jim Cullum Jazz Band across its 50-year history. The band members are arranged from left to right, top to bottom, in chronological order and grouped by instrument.

Bonus Content

Supplemental photo galleries, oral histories, audio excerpts, and stories from Jim Cullum are available under the Bonus Content page. When the page first loads, all of the bonus content is listed alphabetically by page title, however you can filter the results by clicking on the desired bonus content type. For instance, clicking on "Jim Cullum's Stories" returns only the pages written by Jim Cullum.

Currently the bonus audio requires Flash. If you are on an iPad or iPhone, the bonus audio will not work. If you are on a desktop or laptop with Flash installed, playing any of the bonus audio pieces will function. If you have one of the channels playing when you selct bonus audio, the stream channel will automatically pause. Clicking the play button on a program stream while bonus content is playing will similarly stop the bonus content and resume the program.


Please contact us about the Jim Cullum Riverwalk Jazz collection.